Custom Woodworking Modifications at Alabama Stone Works

Imagine a project where art meets practicality, where woodworking isn’t just about making things from wood but creating something beautiful and functional. This happened with Branham Services at Alabama Stone Works in Birmingham, Alabama. This case study explores the journey of transforming a storefront with custom woodworking, addressing unexpected challenges along the way.

The Original Challenge

Back in November 2023, Alabama Stone Works decided to remodel its storefront. They wanted a look that matched their location’s old, industrial vibe. So, they asked Branham Services for help. The task? To create a “bulky, rough wood structure” over the main entrance and window-side planters. The design and installation were a hit, perfectly capturing the old-time feel. But soon, they realized there was a problem.

Identifying the Risk

The new wooden structure looked great, but there was a safety issue. The posts of the structure were too close to the road. If a vehicle hit one, the whole thing could come crashing down. Safety is a big deal, so Branham Services had to think of a way to keep the desired look but make it safer.

Developing a Solution

custom woodworking

The Branham team came up with an intelligent idea. We suggested moving the posts closer to the wall and adding large support corbels (these are like big, sturdy brackets). This would make the structure safer and even more durable. Plus, it would still look great. The tricky part? Doing all this without messing up the whole structure.

Overcoming Complications

Addressing the challenges at Smith Lake was far from a simple task. One of the critical complexities involved the use of unique corbels, which were integral to the construction. These corbels had to be custom-made and delivered, which required patience and precise timing. Once they arrived, the next hurdle was to implement them effectively. This meant supporting the structure meticulously while carefully moving the posts into place. This phase of the project was particularly delicate and demanded a high level of skill and precision. The team had to ensure that every action was carried out flawlessly to prevent any mishaps or damage. This careful and skilled approach was crucial to the successful completion of the project, ensuring both the structural integrity and aesthetic quality of the steps.

The Process of Modification

Once we had everything we needed, the Branham team got to work. Moving the posts and putting in the corbels required precision and a keen eye for detail. We had to keep the structure stable and looking good all through the process. This is where their expertise in woodworking shone.

Achieving Aesthetic and Structural Balance

In custom woodworking, it’s essential to make things that are not only nice to look at but also solid and safe. The team’s solution did just that. The corbels weren’t just functional; we added a cool architectural touch that fit the industrial theme.

Client Satisfaction and Safety Assurance

Alabama Stone Works loved the changes. The new position of the posts and the added corbels took care of the safety worries and gave the storefront an extra bit of character. This project showed how Branham Services is committed to making its clients happy and keeping things safe.

The Branham Services Advantage

This project is an excellent example of Branham Services being adaptable, precise, and understanding our clients’ needs. We are good at dealing with surprises and coming up with solutions that are both practical and look good.

Every challenge is an opportunity to do something great. That’s the philosophy at Branham Services. This project at Alabama Stone Works is proof of our dedication to top-notch custom woodworking. 

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