Custom Deck Build & Remodel 

Expert Deck Construction

Expert Deck Construction

Turn your vision into reality with Branham Services' Expert Deck Construction. Our skilled team brings precision and innovation to every project, ensuring your outdoor space is not only beautiful but also durable. Start building your dream deck today and enjoy the perfect outdoor retreat!

Services Offered

Custom Deck Construction (1)

Custom Deck Construction

At Branham Services, we excel in constructing custom decks from the ground up, ensuring every design is seamlessly integrated with your outdoor aesthetics. Utilizing only the finest materials, our decks are built to last, aligning with your vision for the perfect outdoor setting.

Personalized Deck Designs (1)

Deck Remodeling and Enhancement

Revitalize your existing deck with our remodeling services. Whether it's enhancing its design or improving its structure, our deck construction expertise ensures a fresh, durable upgrade to your current space.

Custom Deck Construction (1)

Personalized Deck Designs

Our deck designs are crafted to reflect your personal style and functional needs. From initial concept to final touches, our team works closely with you to deliver a tailor-made deck that complements your home.

Why Choose Branham Services? 

Use of high-quality, durable materials

  • We choose premium materials for all our deck construction projects, ensuring longevity and resilience against the elements.

Expert craftsmanship

  • Our team's craftsmanship is the backbone of our service, reflected in the precision and beauty of our deck constructions.

Attention to detail

  • Every deck project is handled with utmost care, ensuring that every detail, no matter how small, is executed perfectly.

Ensuring safety with local building codes

  • When building decks, we ensure compliance with local building codes, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable outdoor space.
Why Choose Branham Services

Project Gallery

Explore our Project Gallery to see the transformation brought by Branham Services in deck construction. Witness how we turn visions into exquisite realities.

_Deck FAQ's


Our deck construction typically features pressure-treated wood as the primary material. For certain projects, we also use cedar, and in select cases, we incorporate composite decking and metal railing.

The timeline for deck construction or remodeling can vary based on the project's scale and complexity. Generally, a new deck build can take anywhere from one to four weeks. Remodels might vary from a few days to two weeks. We aim to minimize disruption and complete your project efficiently without compromising on quality. We'll provide a more accurate timeline following our initial consultation and project scope review.

Absolutely! At Branham Services, we specialize in creating custom deck designs that reflect our customers' personal style and functional needs. Whether you have a specific theme in mind or need assistance in developing a concept, our team is here to help craft a deck that fits your vision. We encourage clients to share any ideas, photos, or themes during our consultation process.

Our construction work includes a one-year workmanship warranty, while material warranties are covered by the manufacturer.


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