Building Accessibility: A Custom Solution for a Birmingham Home

Building Accessibility

When faced with the challenge of providing easy access to her home for emergency situations, a client from Birmingham, Alabama, turned to Branham Services upon a recommendation. Understanding the importance of building accessibility, especially for those confined to wheelchairs, we at Branham were ready to tackle this project with a custom solution beyond traditional ramp…

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Transforming an Unusable Carport into the Ultimate Custom Man Cave

custom man cave

Imagine a carport, an ordinary space for parking cars, being turned into something extraordinary. That happened in Gardendale, Alabama, thanks to Branham Services. Ultimate Custom Man Cave: We transformed a carport, which was too small for the family’s cars, into an incredible man cave. This transformation wasn’t just about building walls and adding furniture; it…

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Keeping Lake House Guests Safe with Custom-Built Steps

Imagine you’re at a beautiful lake house, surrounded by nature’s tranquility. Custom-Built Steps But there’s a problem: getting to the water is risky due to a steep path. This is a story about how a company, Branham Services, tackled this problem at a lake house on Smith Lake in Crane Hill, Alabama. We transformed a…

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Custom Woodworking Modifications at Alabama Stone Works

custom woodworking

Imagine a project where art meets practicality, where woodworking isn’t just about making things from wood but creating something beautiful and functional. This happened with Branham Services at Alabama Stone Works in Birmingham, Alabama. This case study explores the journey of transforming a storefront with custom woodworking, addressing unexpected challenges along the way. The Original…

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